How to Prevent Algae Growth in Your Aquarium

Posted by Big Al's on Dec 9, 2016 9:50:41 AM




If you have ever had an overgrowth of algae in your fish tank, you know how difficult it can be to remove. A little bit of algae is not such a bad thing; it can add a touch of natural realism to your aquarium. Without addressing the algae, however, you could soon find you’re a mess in your tank. Luckily, there are some simple ways to keep algae under control that do not require too much time or effort.


Portion Control


When you feed your fish too frequently, they may not eat it all. The nutrients in that food can encourage the growth of algae. Limit your fish to one feeding a day or very small amounts two or three times a day. You can always give them more, but it is next to impossible to remove what they do not finish.


Dim the Lights


Algae need plenty of light to flourish. If your tank gets natural sunlight, you may want to move it to a shadier spot in your home. You can get a timer for your aquarium light to have better control over the amount of light exposure. The fish won’t mind a reduction in the limelight.


Go Green


Incorporate green plants in your aquarium. Not only are they attractive, they can also compete for the light and nutrients that lead to algae growth. Be sure to trim any decaying leaves, however, so they do not pollute the water.


Change Is Good


The idea of changing all the water in your aquarium is overwhelming. Luckily, you can reduce algae with partial water changes. Aim for about 10 percent of the water every week. The idea is to dilute the remaining water with fresh water to remove some of the impurities without shocking the fish or plants.


Know Your Water


Water from the tap is not necessarily pure. It may have concentrations of phosphates or other elements that can boost algae growth. Test your water to determine what is present or ask for help from an aquarium shop to understand what to look for or how to correct an imbalance.


Scrape Away


A simple tool such as a scraper can work to remove the buildup of algae on the glass sides of your tank. The algae may stick to the scraper instead of dissolving in the water, allowing you to remove some of it without having to work too hard. Keep it with your fish food or other aquarium tools so you will be more likely to use it regularly.


A Little Help


Promote a healthy tank ecosystem by adding a few algae eaters to the party. Breeds such as the Cory Cat or the Dwarf Otocinclus Catfish are easy to care for and earn their keep by eating excess food, algae, and leaves. Do a little research to see how many you should have for your tank size.


Stay Positive


You can take care of your algae problem, so do not lose hope. Big Al’s has additional products available to tackle the algae and keep your tank clean. We also have helpful tips and information to help you make the most out of your aquarium.