How to Name Your New Pet Fish

Posted by Big Al's on Dec 9, 2016 10:15:18 AM




If you’ve just gotten a new fish, congratulations! It’s great to be a new pet owner. In the next few days, you’ll have to put a lot of work into getting your fish settled into its new home, but a more important question might be weighing on your mind—what should you name the fish? Here are a few tips and tricks for choosing a great name, as well as some suggestions to get you started.


Think Carefully


The first thing you should do is think about what you’re looking for in a name. Do you want something unique, or something a little more common? Are you looking for a name that’s clever and witty, or exotic and cool? Do you want a “people name” like Stephanie or Max, or something whimsical like Bitsy?


If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, try sitting down with a pencil and paper to brainstorm some ideas. See what comes to mind, and what you like or dislike about each name you come up with. maybe you’ll be struck by inspiration!


Get Help


If you’re feeling stuck, try asking for help. Your friends or family members might have ideas about what to call the fish. You can even use social media or pet owners’ forums to get some great ideas.




Do you have a few names you like, but aren’t sure what fits? Try them out! Call the fish by one name for a day or two, and them switch to another one. See what feels better. Eventually you’ll be able to settle on one name as more appropriate.


A Few Ideas


So where should you look for inspiration? One strategy is to just give your new pet a standard fish name, like Bubbles, Gilly, or Finn. You can also come up with ideas based on the species of fish—you might name a betta Betty or a clownfish Bozo.


Another option is to take into account the fish’s color, markings, and other distinctive features. Does it have brown scales? Call it Cocoa. Does it have speckles? Call it Spot. Does it have a notch taken out of its fin? Call it Scar. You can even consider the fish’s personality—if it likes to lurk under plants, you might call it Shadow, while if it swims really quickly it might be a Turbo.


Feel like shaking things up a bit? You can give your fish a title, like Mr., Ms., Jr., Dr., or “The Great.” “Molly the Great” or “Mr. Finn” can be a fun, quirky twist on an old favorite.


If you have more than one fish, you can come up with themed names for the entire tank. A pair of guppies might be Tic and Tac, while four goldfish could be John, Paul, George, and Ringo. This even works if you’re replacing a previous fish—if the last one was named King, the next could be named Prince.


Getting Started


There are lots of other places to look for inspiration; try naming the fish after your favorite book or movie character, consider names from foreign languages, or create a pun out of the name. Whatever you choose, Big Al’s can supply everything you need to get your fish’s new home set up. Browse our selection today.